WMU Artist Project

The applications for the ATMF x WMU Artist Project 2018 are now closed. Please check your email if you have applied and are waiting to hear back from our staff. Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in contributing artwork for this year's Audiotree Music Festival! We're excited to be able to feature the work of Frostic School of Art Students at the festival this year.

Here are further details regarding this opportunity:

  1. Please complete the form below by Monday, July 30 to confirm your interest in contributing. You'll also be give the opportunity to indicate your artist assignment preferences, and we'll do our best to honor and accommodate your requests when assigning you an artist.
  2. The following week, we will provide you with an artist assignment to inspire your work, as well as guidelines to adhere to as you begin creating.
  3. After receiving your artist assignment, we ask that you submit a concept of your artwork by Monday, August 13. This could include a sketch of your proposed artwork, a description of what you intend to create, and/or any other images and ideas to give us a sense for what you have in mind. You'll also be asked to provide a list of supplies/funds needed to complete your artwork. Please keep in mind that your deliverables must not feature the artist's likeness, logo or album art in any way, and must rather be a more abstract interpretation of their music.
  4. Concepts will be approved and selected based on creativity, alignment with the assigned artist's music and style, and overall quality.
  5. If your concept is approved, you will be given until Monday, September 3 to complete and submit your artwork. Your work will be printed on 18”x24” paper and displayed at the WMU Artist tent on the festival grounds. You will have the opportunity to sell your work, provided that Audiotree Music Festival produces and prints the art on standard 18”x24” 100lb white paper.