Robert DeLong is the perfect artist to bring electronic dance music to Glassnote, home of Mumford & Sons, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix and more. A one-man futuristic dance party with beats as cerebral as Orbital and club-ready as Calvin Harris, DeLong is also a profoundly gifted singer/songwriter who raises questions about identity and spirituality. Those two elements join together on his debut album Just Movement, a dazzling collection of dance beats, pop hooks and thought-provoking queries that could very well be the soundtrack for 2013.

“The whole album is sort of a thesis statement for my philosophy,” the 26-year-old Los Angeleno via Seattle who wrote, produced, mixed and performed the entire album himself, says. What is that philosophy? “The first song [‘Just Movement’] is the most basic kind of thesis statement. For me, when you strip away all the human moral elements of a person you’re left with the fact everything is just moving, the whole universe is vibrating different ways, moving around,” he says. “Then the rest of the album is trying to figure out what to do with that and it’s kind of a play on words too. ‘Just Movement’ is not only about the philosophical idea, but also ‘Just Movement,’ the idea of dance, that’s kind of the primal response to music.”

On the album’s second track, “Global Concepts,” a song that immediately shot to number one most requested at Albany’s WEXQ, DeLong asks, “Did I leave my life to chance? Or did I make you fucking dance?”

The answer is unquestionably the latter, proven here repeatedly, whether it’s on the fast-paced funk of “Here,” the disco-flavor of “Perfect” or the aptly named “Happy ” -- another instant radio favorite, landing in the top five most requested songs on the Locals Only show of influential L.A. radio station KROQ.