To Audiotree Music Festival-Goers
and the City of Kalamazoo

The Audiotree Music Festival turned six years old in 2018. For six years we have had the honor of throwing this party in Kalamazoo; seeing it grow and change from parking lots, to District Square, to the Arcadia Creek Festival Site -- its home for the last three years. There, we watched as the largely online community of Audiotree came to life. In many ways, ATMF has felt like a homecoming -- not just for many of our staff members, born and raised in Kalamazoo, but for performers and fans. It has been one (and then two) days out of the year to enjoy music and the community it creates. 

That being said, we have decided to direct our efforts elsewhere in 2019. At our home base in Chicago, IL, we are excited to celebrate the 30th and 10th anniversaries of our venues, Schubas Tavern and Lincoln Hall. Throughout the year we will be honoring these venues with once in a lifetime shows. Keep your eyes open for details on those in 2019. 

Thank you for the last six years. Thank you to everyone who came, who played, who gave us tacos and beer. We have loved bringing you music every year and watching this community grow. See you in Chicago, or maybe on the internet. We're always here. 


The Audiotree Staff